Utilizing its contacts and syndicated services throughout the world, IIC has been successfully resolving
construction related lien and claim matters for its clients for more than 30 years.
Norman R. Nelson, Jr. CEO and his formidable team of mediation specialists will implement IIC’s proactive plan of
action to resolve each lien or claim case dispute for the client.

A. Facsimile, form letter, email, communication blitz
B. Conference call meetings with multiple parties
C. Pre legal mediation project walkthrough
D. Conference room meetings with project related parties
E. Final punch list project walkthrough strategies
F. End user communication blitz
G. Payment and performance bond submittal and strategies
H. Post legal mediation strategies
I. Diversion of funds investigation
J. Project financing entity investigation
K. Tenant build out strategies
L. Mechanics lien assessment and collectibility investigation
M. Building owner facsimile and telephone conceptual lien foreclosure strategy
N. End user line item and progress payment investigation
O. Construction project onsite investigation & analysis
P. Two party or direct check strategy
Q. Final facsimile demand with end user Chief Financial Officer, Director of Construction and Owners Representative
R. Final payment closeout documents even exchange program strategic execution

IIC services are sometimes aided by private investigators contracted specifically for due diligence for certain components of the
lien or construction claim matter, especially in diversion of funds scenarios.
IIC Mediation Specialist develops an optimum strategy for each case. The implementation of a tactical plan. The delivery and
execution of a client satisfactory negotiated settlement with all the relevant parties.