The time frame for resolving the mechanics lien or construction claim dispute through IIC is accomplished for the
client in a period ranging from one to 6 months, a fraction of the typical time component for embarking on the litigation route. Moreover, in using IIC’s services, compared with litigation, a client should realize a net cost savings
of between 35% to 50% per lien or construction claim case for consultation, investigation, mediation, collection
and referral services, including advance retainer due diligence expenses, all of which is fully disclosed to the client
in our written client agreement.

Norman R. Nelson, Jr. CEO of IIC has proven to over 15,000 plus construction and related Subcontractors, General
Contractors and construction professionals that the IIC Consulting and Mediation firm strategic, tactical, planning,
research consultation, referral and intelligence sources are the go to firm. When the client has a mechanics lien or
construction claim dispute of any category of balance.

When you call IIC our staff will provide references and a pro active Mediation Specialist that will come to the IIC
client prospect’s office and start the sequential varied steps and strategies that will eventually produce an affirmative
end result, final payment of your mechanics lien or construction claim dispute.