About Us

IIC has enjoyed for many years outstanding success in mediating, investigating and collecting
on all types of small, medium and substantial mechanics liens and construction claim disputes
for all categories of construction clients that we have represented in the past 12 years and present.
Our methodical strategic approach has resulted in IIC resolving mechanics lien and construction
claim disputes within an average turn around time of 60-120 days.

We have the system and methods that work, as we whole heartedly dedicate ourselves to serving
one industry and only one – construction related businesses. We thus link our industry expertise
to our total commitment and focus on every clients needs. Our fees range from 5% to 30%,
retainers average $3-10,000 with substantial percentage discounts. For every lien or claim
case that you refer to IIC, your savings in time, and the percentage collected will be substantial,
especially in comparison to relying at the initial onset lengthy legal proceedings.

IIC will reduce the need for immediate legal action and shorten collection and mediation resolution
time parameters dramatically.

Our mediation specialists with the oversight of Norman R. Nelson will initiate the sequential
varied steps at the clients office to demonstrate the actual strategies, methods and communication
blitz that has worked for over 15,000 IIC clients within the past 12 years.

We will make an immediate assessment of the collectibility of your lien or claim case as we engage
all relevant parties in a mutual dialogue.

I look forward to building a beneficial and long term relationship with your organization.

Mediator, Investigator, Troubleshooter, Consultant, Strategist, Lien & Construction Claim Collection Specialist, Lien Claim Analyst

Norman R. Nelson, Jr. (35 years proven experience)

A. Extensive mediation, investigation and collection experience relating to substantial mechanics lien and construction claim disputes.

B. Developer and inventor of the automated systems and methods construction claim mediation, investigation and collection method patent pending system.

C. Controlling partner in Nelson International Holdings, LLC owner of Construction Qwik Collect – CQC (The Ultimate Lien & Claim Collection System) integrated subscription web based software product and expert system and industry standard product for the construction and related industry, nationally and globally.

D. Expertise in hi level mediation, or alternate dispute resolution of substantial mechanics lien and construction claim disputes method patent pending breakthrough technology that reduces the need for legal action and shortens collection time.

E. Extensive network of global contacts in multiple industry categories (construction, real estate, finance, intelligence and law). F. Recognized as one of the top consulting firms in the United States, personally have resolved tens of thousands of lien and claim dispute cases without attorney intervention.