How IIC Achieves Impressive Mediation and Collection Results
A unique method patent pending strategy

IIC develops an effective mediation, investigation and collection strategy tailored to each mechanics lien or construction claim case. The objective is to resolve their lien or claim dispute and negotiate a viable client accepted settlement, at a reduced retainer and percentage arrangement, without the client having to engage the services of an attorney. The execution of sequential, varied, non obvious and unique steps, strategies, systems and methods that relate directly to the implementation of specific complex powerful tools of the investigation and intelligence – has proven to be a highly effective, conduit to final payment, gathered within an average of 60-90 days.

Thousands of IIC’s current clients can testify that the IIC and Norman R. Nelson formula is a first approach, highly strategic and cost effective, expeditious way to mediate, investigate and collect any pre or post filed mechanics lien.
Norman R. Nelson, Jr. CEO of IIC, is one of the top mediation, investigation and collection specialist to the construction and related industries within the United States and globally.

Having personally resolved tens of thousands of lien and construction claim disputes successfully without the need for attorney intervention, and also having worked in conjunction with the attorneys efforts in which both services converge for a successful end result solution on many matters. Nelson is renowned as an expert troubleshooter on behalf of its construction industry clients.

IIC’s success lies with Mr. Nelson’s skill that has been passed along to his Construction Mediation Specialists that also implements the proven method patent pending process of sequential varied steps and strategies for mechanics lien and construction claim mediation, investigation and collection. These techniques are employed in each and every lien or construction claim case assignment.

IIC plans, assesses and executes by means of the following process:

  • Intelligence gathering though due diligence on the Generaln Contractor, Construction Manager, End User, Building Owner, Owners Representative, on site project assessment, walkthrough.
  • Implementation of a formidable negotiating strategy with multiple project related parties simultaneously
  • Pre and post legal communication blitz with the construction project related parties
  • Pre legal conference room meetings with the relevant parties
  • On site project walkthrough mediation meetings
  • Final punch list walk through strategy
  • Successful close to the lien or construction claim case (final payment exchanged with closeout documents)

Each lien or construction claim case starts and completes with the first of many sequential varied specific steps and methods that will vary in complexity based upon the variables of the lien, contract, change order, and retention balance. The scope of the construction project, the end user’s client ability to pay, and the Construction Manager of record. The identity of the project financing entity and how many progress payments were made to the Construction Manager or Prime General Contractor. The intelligence gathering approach through IIC’s full communication blitz with all the project related individuals and entities will highly leverage the General Contractors, Construction Managers Principals and Project Managers into a pre legal mediation meeting with the end users Director of Construction. The attorneys for the General Contractors, the Project Foreman, and Owners Representative will come together in a conference room mediation meeting to discuss all the relevant project related issues. This pre legal mediation meeting will also include 2nd and 3rd tier Subcontractors and suppliers.

IIC is the preferred first approach in the execution of the aforementioned steps prior to attorney intervention. IIC will reduce the need for legal action and shorten collection time in a very cost effective manner.

Once the IIC Mediation Specialist has logically framed the consequences of non-cooperation versus cooperation entering expeditiously into a payment arrangement or full settlement of the lien or construction claim matter becomes the only logical outcome for the subject company.

The IIC Mediation Specialist will secure a conference call, conference room or project walkthrough pre legal mediation meeting and employ an arsenal of proven strategies, methods, and systems to persuasively demonstrate that alternate dispute resolution will unilaterally save all the parties involved considerable time and money.

IIC’s primary focus is on the inherent components of the mechanics lien and construction claim dispute and how to present substantiation of the lien or construction claim dispute. This will result in productive discussions with all the construction related parties in a relaxed setting.

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