Introducing IIC

IIC Consultants LLC (DBA International Intelligence Consulting) is a consulting firm that specializes in mediation, investigation & collection of substantial mechanics liens and construction claims for every conceivable category of Subcontractor, Specialty & General Contractor, Supplier, Construction Manager, Architect, Engineer and construction related professionals within the construction and related industry.
IIC was established in June of 1998.

Norman R. Nelson, Jr. CEO and staff through the development of the systems and methods patent pending process of sequential varied non obvious and unique steps, and strategies has been successful in reducing the need for immediate legal action. This proven expert system has saved considerable time and money for the IIC client, throughout the USA.
The IIC system and methods delivers results quickly and cost effectively, and should nearly be the preferred first avenue for mechanics lien mediation, investigation and collection.

The IIC systems has worked many times in conjunction with the attorneys efforts when litigation is required. IIC, Norman R. Nelson, Jr. and staff routinely resolves mechanics lien and construction claim dispute balances from $10,000 well into the hundreds of thousands and have resolved lien and claim disputes in the multiple 7 figure range for their clients.
The average resolution time frame is 60-90 days per lien case. Sometimes longer, based upon the complexity of the mechanics lien or construction claim dispute components.

Utilizing its contacts and syndicated services throughout the world, IIC has been successfully resolving
construction related lien and claim matters for its clients for more than 30 years.
Norman R. Nelson, Jr. CEO and his formidable team of mediation specialists will implement IIC’s proactive plan of action to resolve each lien or claim case dispute for the client.